Wednesday, January 04, 2012

My Experience Publishing with The History Press

Since I initially began this blog in 2007-2008 to complain and warn others about Arcadia Publishing - from start to finish - I've received tons of emails from potential authors who have thanked me for the warning, or commiserated with their own experiences.    I took a break to run the Dupont Main Street Program rather unexpectedly, and authored a book with a new publisher, The History Press, called A Brief History of Charles Village (Baltimore).

The experience was wonderful from start to finish, and a complete opposite of what it is to work with a publisher such as Arcadia.  The folks at the History Press were great: you don't have to write your own marketing plan, locate contacts and bookstores, and design your own book!

Their staff of editors is terrific, too (they don't try to change "The Washington Monument" to the "monument to Washington," for example).  The books allow for about 30,000 words of text, which is more than enough to tell the history of most small neighborhoods or towns.  They also allow about 75-85 historic images, and they will design and flow them throughout the text on pages near where you indicate.  Captions, footnotes, and a bibliography round out the book nicely, and make it much more friendly for researchers. Plus, they will design a color cover!  They used two images we had in the book itself, and we thought the result both captured the essence of the 'painted lady' type neighborhood and the books content.

They also set up author interviews with local radio stations, book signings at local stores, and advertised for us!  You will not get any of that from Arcadia.  If you have a choice - and full disclosure that I have no financial interest in the History Press, choose them over Arcadia every time.