Sunday, August 14, 2016

Washington, DC House History Map Updated!

Well, it took us three years due to a house and office move of late, but its here!  We've updated the Google Maps that chart the locations, along with a wee bit of history, of each house and building we have researched.  Check it out, and discover the history of a house near you!

There were so many that Google used to have a limit, so we have two maps:

Houses and Buildings in NW DC

Houses and Buildings in SE, SW, and NE DC

 As you can see, we've been busy of late.  Enjoy! 


Unknown said...

It would be wonderful if you could provide links to these houses in google Street view. I'm teaching Urban America this semester, and it would be a very useful resource for the class.

Mike Swanson, Ph.D.,
Roger Williams University
Bristol, RI 02809

Unknown said...

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