Saturday, November 28, 2020

Another Tiny House on Capitol Hill

Continuing our little house obsession  since writing about 302 12th Street, SE, (160sf), we turn to the other 12th Street, this time in NE and this tiny gem at 233.   It was issued a building permit on October 5, 1907.  It comes in at just nine feet wide by thirty feet deep, or 252 square feet.   It was built as a store at a cost of just $300! 

Edgar I. Booraem had obtained the building permit; he worked as a clerk in the War Department and resided himself at 1008 O Street, NW.   He had been born on June 23, 1841 in South River, New Jersey, meaning that he was age 66 when he built his real estate investment.   He died in 1925 in Washington, DC. 

Morris Stein was listed as the tenant in 1914, who utilized the building for his tailoring business.  He rented a room close by at 508 C Street, NE.  


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