Thursday, April 26, 2012

In Woodley Park, a Floating Veranda Never Lies.

Once and awhile when your researching through thousands and thousands of rather boring vintage photographs looking for a building or house, you come across something like the image above that just makes you stop in your tracks.  We included this image in our book Woodley Park in 2003.   

Here we have a lovely publicity photograph taken at the Sheraton (now Marriott) Wardman Park Hotel pool in the 1960s.  It shows Miss Joan Vermett at left, a 20-year-old Miss Washington contestant from Arlington, Virginia (kind of defeats the purpose, eh?), and Miss Ray Heath, a 20-year-old resident of southeast Washington.  Apparently, Miss Heath had a few pounds on Miss Vermett, as the innovative "floating veranda" seems tipped in her direction.  Remember ladies, a floating veranda never lies.

Or, perhaps her cocktail was more full.  In any event, I would have given a thousand dollars to see a video of these two trying to get on and off that thing!   Do you suppose the ladies are still out there somewhere? 

Copyright Paul K. Williams


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