Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Updated Google Map of Our House Histories in Washington, DC

We've updated our Google map of completed "house histories" in NW Washington, DC, with a brief history tidbit for each location at the map pin: usually when it was built, who the architect was, the builder, and sometimes a bit more like how much it cost to build or who lived there.  We've done so many that the list is actually broken into three Google maps, so make sure you page forward to see if we have done a house near you.

In fact, if we have done a house history on your block, you save $100 off the price of having a complete house history for yourself: for a limited time only, we'll do any house history in Washington, DC for just $500.  Check out the map here!   

View NW Historic House and Building History in Washington, DC: NW Section in a larger map

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